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Overflow Water Conserver (Package of 3)

Overflow Water Conserver (Package of 3)

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Product Description
The Toilet Tank Overflow Water Conserver (“OWC”) diverts a majority of clean water to remain in the tank that would normally flow down the toilet tank’s overflow tube and then directly into the toilet bowl. The diversion of water causes the tank to fill faster. At the time the tank is full with water, is when the water refill valve (the mechanism supplying water to both the toilet tank and bowl, but through separate dedicated locations within valve) shuts off. The problem with most traditional toilets is that the bowl fills with water faster than the tank. Once the bowl is filled, the clean water that continues to flow into it is wasted. The OWC fixes that problem.

The OWC is installed at the end of the water, refill valve hose and then it is inserted onto the top of the overflow tube, which then directs the water into the bowl. Depending upon the number of nozzles overhanging the overflow tube, which will divert the water back into the tank, will determine how much water is saved with each flush. The OWC does not restrict the flow of water and will not affect the flush power of the toilet.


  • Saves thousands of gallons of wasted water
  • Pays for itself in a few months and then continues saving water and saving money
  • NO TOOLS NEEDED for installation
  • Simple to follow written instructions, including photographs, and instructional installation video on
  • Lifetime warranty


  • Overflow Water Conserver
  • Installation instructions, including photographs
 Water Conserver Install Video