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3" Dual Flush Valve - Handle

3" Dual Flush Valve - Handle

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What is a Dual Flush Toilet System?
It is a system providing for 2 varying volumes of water when flushing the toilet. A smaller volume of water is used to flush liquid and paper waste, while a larger volume of water is used to flush paper and solid waste. The availability of the two flushing options with a Dual Flush Toilet System provides for additional savings (up to 50%) and provides extra flushing power when needed.

Product Description
The 3” Dual Flush Valve turns a standard single flush toilet into a water saving (up to 50%) Dual Flush Toilet System and eliminates the use of the outdated flapper and chain technology.


  • Eliminates the antiquated leaky flapper and troublesome chain technology
  • Saves water (up to 50%) with the two flushing options
  • Reduces maintenance
  • Adjustable water volume feature for water flushing from the toilet tank into the bowl
  • Increases flushing power to reduce clogging issues
  • Simple to follow written instructions, including photographs, and instructional installation video on
  • Pays for itself in a few months and then continues saving water and saving money
  • Avoids replacing your existing toilet when upgrading it with Smarter Flush’s 21 st century products
  • Lifetime warranty


  • 3” Dual Flush valve
  • Chrome handle
  • Adjustable overflow valve/pipe
  • Black donut, rubber gasket seal
  • Installation instructions, including photographs


This Product Is For 3” Toilets Only. How Do You Tell The Difference Between a 2" Toilet and a 3" Toilet?

  • If the discharge hole opening looks about the size of a baseball or an orange, then you have a 2" toilet.
  • If the discharge hole opening looks about the size of a softball or a grapefruit, then you have a 3" toilet.
  • If your toilet has a rubber flapper, measure across the flapper. A 2" toilet will measure a little larger than 2". A 3” toilet will measure a little larger than 3”.