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Smarter Flush water saving products provide conversion and upgrades for standard two-piece tank and bowl style toilets.

Save Water

By installing Smarter Flush products, you can achieve significant water savings, leading to substantial cost savings. The exact amount of savings will vary based on the adjustments you make during installation.

Our products offer various adjustable settings to ensure optimal water conservation and maximize your savings potential.

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What is a Dual Flush Toilet System?

Saves thousands of gallons of wasted water per year!

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Quick Tips forInstallation

" 2" Flapper Replacement Quick Connect- Handle",

"2" Flapper Replacement Quick Connect- Button"

" 2" Dual Flush Quick Connect- Handle"

" 2" &3" Dual Flush Valve- Handle"

" 2" &3" Dual Flush Complete Replacement Kit- Handle"

Overflow Water Conserver