Problems with the New Low-Flow, 1.6 Gallon, Water Saving Toilets

In 1992 the US Congress passed the Energy Policy Act which mandated that toilets sold in the USA were to use no more than 1.6 gals of water per flush. Up until the new mandate of 1992 most toilets used 3.5 gal per flush. The new 1.6 gal toilets, many of which do not deliver much flushing […]

Benefits of Water Conservation

There are so many benefits of conserving water but people still wonder why we should care and why it’s so important when Earth is Mainly covered by water. Our Earth is covered roughly by 71% of water and that’s exactly why people are surprised when they read or hear some facts about the water on […]

We are Facing a Water Crisis

We are stretching our water supply pretty much as far as it can go. Data has shown a global water crisis, and we can not pretend that the entire situation will resolve itself. An analysis of 12 million wells throughout the U.S. discovered that groundwater supplies are depleted, but still industry and people continue to […]

10 Water Saving Tips

Next to breathing air, water is the next important element for the sustaining life. Water is a finite component in our lives which, if not properly managed , will unfortunately result in water shortages sooner than later. There are many water saving ideas that can go a long way and benefit all of us and […]