Installation Tips

Important Tips to Installing Your Smarter Flush System

1. Gravity fed toilets require TOP WATER PRESSURE to provide the greatest flushing power in any size water tank.

2. The greater the amount of water in the tank the stronger the flush, even though the Smarter Flush systems only use an average of 1 gallon of water for the short flush and 2 gallons of water for the long flush. ALWAYS MAKE SURE THE WATER IN THE TANK COVERS THE TOP OF THE FLUSH VALVE. This is required for proper operation of the flush system.


  • Raise the water level by adjusting the fill valve float. This may be a simplest way to bring the level of water over the top of the Smarter Flush Flush Valve.
  • Adjust the fill valve to allow a higher water level in the tank.
    • Make sure the water level in the tank DOES NOT RISE ABOVE THE OVERFLOW TUBE, or the water will continuously drain into the overflow tube.
    • The water in the tank should be at least 1” below the top of the overflow tube in the tank (mandated by law).
  • If the level of the water can’t be raised to cover the Smarter Flush Flush Valve, the existing overflow tube MAY NOT BE TALL ENOUGH. If this is the case, a COMPLETE KIT is needed which replaces this short overflow tube, along with all the items shown in the photo below. This COMPLETE KIT will provide you with the best parts, fill valve, stainless steel bolts, nuts, and washers.
    • NOTE: Most of the new builder grade, 1.6 gal toilets, or inexpensive toilets under $100, built in the last 20 years, were built with very poor quality internal parts. The good news is, THE TOILET CERAMICS ARE FINE! You just need to replace all the working parts and rusty bolts with the SMARTER FLUSH COMPLETE KIT.

Diagram of the typical Gravity Fed Toilet

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