In 1992 the US Congress passed the Energy Policy Act which mandated that toilets sold in the USA were to use no more than 1.6 gals of water per flush. Up until the new mandate of 1992 most toilets used 3.5 gal per flush. The new 1.6 gal toilets, many of which do not deliver much flushing power, either because of toilet design and/or lack of “Top Water Pressure” in the water tank, cause clogging of the toilet, pipes, and sewers.

Pipes and sewers were designed for the old 3.5 gal toilets. Most of all the toilets in the USA need top water pressure to complete the flush cycle. Without enough water in the tank power is reduced resulting in multiple flushes to remove solid waste from the bowl of the toilet. In some cases, a plunger must be used to remove and unclog the solid waste. The infrastructure of the pipes and sewers will need extensive replacement and repairs to accommodate the new low flow toilets. It is estimated, by the year 2020, that water costs will increase more than 3 times, because of the repair and replacement of all these pipes and sewers.

The Good News

DO NOT GET RID OF YOUR EXISTING TOILET! The good news is that these 1.6 gallon toilets, for the most part, were made with good quality ceramics that can be utilized for conversion of the toilet to a Smarter Flush dual flush system in order to save water and money. Toilets currently being sold still utilize the old flapper and chain.

The Smarter Flush Conversion Kit

The dual flush system converts your present toilet into a 2-option (dual) flushing system. It saves water, and eliminates the antiquated leaky flapper, and the troublesome chain. It also improves the power of the flush to remove liquids and solids. The installation of the Quick Connect system, in most cases, takes less than 10 minutes without tools.

The Smarter Flush 2-option system saves water and money, the savings will pay for itself in a few months!