Next to breathing air, water is the next important element for the sustaining life. Water is a finite component in our lives which, if not properly managed , will unfortunately result in water shortages sooner than later. There are many water saving ideas that can go a long way and benefit all of us and alleviate impending shortages.

Here are a few easy ways to reduce water consumption:

  1. Take Shorter Showers
  2. Turn Off the Water While Brushing Your Teeth
  3. Turn Off the Water While Shaving
  4. Check Pipes and Faucets for Leaks
  5. Water Your Lawn Only when Necessary
  6. Water During the Cool Parts of the Day
  7. Use Your Dishwasher Only When it is Full
  8. Use Your Washing Machine Only When it’s a Full Load
  9. Install Water Saving Shower Heads or Flow Restrictors
  10. Install a Dual Flush Kit from Smarter Flush in each Toilet of Your Home