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Water Facts

Saves Water

Saves WaterThe Smarter Flush™ Dual Flush Kits use only 1 gallon of water with the “Smarter Flush™” option and 2 gallons of water on the Full Flush option. The Flapper Relacement Kits save up to 500 gallons of wasted water by eliminating the leaky flapper. By properly installing and using the Smarter Flush™ products the typical family of four could save as much as 8 gallons per person per day. Annual savings could be as much as 17,000 to 25,000 gallons of water per year.


Saves Money

Saves Money The toilet consumes the greatest amount of water (30%) of any device in the average home. The average water and sewer cost in the USA is $7.08 per 1,000 gallons. For the average family of four saving could result in as much as $175 per year. Individual usage and water rates vary by family and home location. Your savings may be different.


Eliminates Leaky Flapper

Eliminate The Leaky FlapperThe Smarter Flush™ Conversion Kits with the “flush piston” eliminates the terrible leaky flapper and troublesome chain that plague so many toilets. It has been documented that 20% of flappers are leaking and can waste as much as 500 gallons of water per day.


Coverts Any Size Toilet

Converts Any Size ToiletWith its low profile flush valve design the Smarter Flush Kits fit in almost any toilet. In nearly four years of testing and tens of thousands of installations, there have been only a few instances where the toilet could not be converted.


Problems with Low-Flow Toilets

Problems with Low Flow ToiletsIn 1992 the US Congress passed the Energy Policy Act which mandated that toilets sold in the USA were to use no more than 1.6 gals of water per flush. Up until the new mandate of 1992 most toilets used 3.5 gal per flush. The new 1.6 gal toilets, many of which do not deliver much flushing power, either because of toilet design and/or lack of “Top Water Pressure”... (read more)


Why Replace a Perfectly Good Toilet

Why Replace a Perfectly Good Toilet?There are currently in excess of fifty (50) manufacturers of Dual Flush Toilets, including most of the major brands. These toilets can be purchased at an average price of about $300 and that doesn’t include installation. Why not just install a Smarter Flush™ Dual Flush Conversion Kit and your existing toilet can become a eco friendly product? With the typical family of four saving 17,000 to 25,000 gallons of water per year you can see how quickly the Smarter Flush™ Dual Flush Conversion Kit pays for itself.


Lifetime Warranty

5 Year WarrantyWe are so confident in our product Smarter Flush™ offers a lifetime full replacement warranty on all defective parts.