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New Toilet Flapper Replacement Kit added to the companies’ line of products.


June 2013 – Mel Kanar, President of Smarter Flush in Rochester Hills, Michigan announces the addition of the Toilet Flapper Replacement Kit to the companies’ line of products. The Flapper Replacement Kit is a departure from all of the other Dual Flush products that Smarter Flush offers. The new kit features a single flush valve that eliminates the leaky flapper and troublesome chain while improving the power of the flush.


According to the EPA approximately 20% of the 220 million residential toilets in the US have leaky flappers. The leaks can waste up to 500 gallons of water each day.


Smarter Flush offers a Lifetime Warranty on all of its’ products so that the purchaser of the Toilet Flapper Replacement Kit will never have to buy another flapper again.


For more information about the Toilet Flapper Replacement Kit or other Smarter Flush products, visit their website at www.SmarterFlush.com.




Smarter Flush™ Launches the Quick Connect Dual Flush Conversion System


January 2011… Mel Kanar, president of SMARTER FLUSH Marketing, LLC, Rochester, Michigan, launched the “Quick Connect” Dual Flush Conversion System for 2-piece toilets. Mel is the inventor / manufacturer of this product. Smarter Flush has all the necessary certifications and patents are pending.


Tim Lindhjem is a retiree, ASSOCIATED with SmarterFlush as a sales consultant for the past 2 years. He first sold the Complete Kits in the beginning and then started selling the Quick Connect in January 2011.


In January 2011, Tim and the manager of Shadeland Terrace Apartments, initiated a test at Shadeland Terrace Apartments, Indianapolis, IN. They installed 30 quick connect units on 3.5 gallon toilets with water meters attached to each one. The cost @ $30 each = $900 (total investment except for time). This apartment complex has a mixture of families living there from a single person to 4-6/per family in one apartment, of all ages. “Installation took 15 minutes or less and the Quick Connect has performed virtually trouble free since then,” said Herb Harr, Manager.


After 8 months of testing (as of 10/1/11), and reading the meters, January through August 2011, the savings was $1,386 for these 30 units! This was as a direct result of the “Quick Connect” conversions. The annual savings for the 30 units is $2,078; the payback time is a matter of months. See the example below:


Savings in one year $2,078
Cost of units $30 x 30 - 900
NET PROFIT for one year $1,178 ÷ 30 = $39/per unit profit


Why replace a perfectly good toilet when you can convert your present toilet into a dual flush system with our Quick Connect and eliminate that leaky flapper and troublesome chain!